Jumping Around at the Speed of Flare

Mostly focused on balancing the new weapons, here is the change log for you reading pleasure:

  • Heavy Lifter
    • Fixed doing more stomp damage than was intended (was x10!)
    • Decreased stomp damage to deal 3 times fall damage
    • Increased damage done from all weapons to +25%
  • Flare Jumper
    • Fixed being able to carry intel
    • Removed mark for death on wearer
    • Added +15% damage vulnerability
    • Lowered self dmg push force to +100%
  • Frequency Finder / Solemn Vow
    • Merged with Solemn Vow
    • No more glow on wearer
    • -10% firing speed
    • Allows you to see enemy health
  • Battle Plan
    • Fixed not decreasing speed when using charged cow mangler shot
    • Fixed stunned players not being slowed


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Not Just One, But Two Brand New Weapons!

Results from the recent survey about leaderboard rank resets are in. It was tied for quite some time, but looks like those last minute votes came in just in time to settle the difference. With a score of 57%, “no” has won in the polls. As such; there will be no modifications made to the rankings.

As for the whole reason you are reading this news post…

  • Battle Plan
    • Fixed speed boost stacking being multiplicative intead of additive
    • Smoothed out how speed is increased and decreased
    • Speed increase now stops at 180 health
    • Speed now changes as 3.75Hu/s increments every 5hp
  • Flare Jumper
    • +200% self damage force
    • -100% explosion self-damage vulnerability
    • -100% damage dealt
    • On wearer: user is marked for death
    • Cannot ignite enemy players
    • This weapon will reload automatically when not active
  • Frequency Finder
    • While active: reveals locations and health of team players
    • While active: reveals locations and health of team buildings
    • While active: reveals self location to team players
    • While active: reveals self location to enemy players


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