Thibalryn? What is that?!

You probably have not heard yet, but I am working on my very own vidya gaem.

Thibalryn is a metroidvania style, retro themed game. It is all about finding things out for yourself and solving your own questions about mysterious artifacts. Inspired by the NES hardware, you can check on development progress here:

Latest teaser is here:


Oh and here is a tiny Project Beta update too, that buffs the modded degreaser:

  • Degreaser
    • Now deals -50% direct damage
    • Now deals +50% afterburn damage



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The Skinning

Here is that fancy degreaser update I teased, along with some other goodies:


  • All weapon skins should now work too!
  • Underburner
    • Removed and replaced with modified Degreaser
  • Degreaser
    • Now deals -75% direct damage
    • Afterburn damage is no longer reduced
    • Now deals +25% afterburn damage
    • Always deals 10 seconds of afterburn damage
    • Removed increased airblast cost
    • Reflected projectiles can ignite enemy players
  • Flare Jumper
    • Now kills players you land on
    • Now deals -75% damage instead of none
    • Can now ignite players
  • The Classic
    • Charge rate increased to +50%


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Breaking Not So Bad

After the breaking due to the Jungle Inferno update, the game server needed some fixing.

1 week later though, here are the patch notes for the now working again server:


  • Adjusted many attributes to account Jungle Inferno
  • Dead Ringer
    • Removed all changes
  • Mantreads
    • Removed damage force modification
  • Claidheamh Mòr
    • Removed all changes
  • Thermal Thruster
    • Deals fatal damage to the player you land on

Please note that the change to the Thermal Thruster won’t be active until the TF Team fixes the weapon not doing any damage at all. Please let me know if you spot any bugs, as usual.


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