It’s Alive!

No sorry, I do know the fate of Frankenstien’s monster; but the Project Ghost update is alive!

Finally, here it is along with the change notes below:


  • Removed lots of unused weapon code
  • Pee Fetish Snipers
    • Fixed jarate duration time being incorrect for the sydney sleeper
    • Removed zoom charge rate penalty from the sydney sleeper
    • Added the bushwacker
  • Round Robin Rockets
    • Added fire particle effect
  • Pipe Dream
    • Added fire particle effect
  • Rockets vs Reflects
    • Degreaser now has a 10x faster airblast refire rate
    • Airblast cost reduced by 50%
  • Fast & Furious
    • SMG clip size reduced to 10x
  • Added new round Quad Shotty
    • Heavys with a shotgun that fires +300% bullets
    • Low ammo to start with
  • Added new round Hunting Season
    • Heavys with Buffalo Steak and Warrior’s Spirit
    • Snipers with Huntsman and Bushwaker
  • Added new round Aliens in Boston
    • Scouts with Mutated Milk and Neon Annihilator
  • Added new round Ferret Manoeuvres
    • Pyros with Backburner and Axtinguisher
    • Start with buffed health of 1000

Special thanks to Smithy and LucidlyAwake for several round suggestions.


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A Little Bit Better

With special thanks to TF2PublicFerret, NESFlint, tankedup and Peridot for their feedback, I have a small Project Beta update for everyone.

  • Battle Plan
    • Increased minimum speed to a 200HU/s cap
    • Reduced maximum speed to a 300HU/s cap
    • Reduced rate of speed loss/gain
  • Sharpened Volcano Fragment
    • Reduced healing to 40% of damage dealt

And don’t worry, I am still working on the Project Ghost update. It is about 50% done.


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Major Project Ghost Update Coming Soon . . .

Thanks to everyone for their recent suggestions for Project Ghost rounds. I can tell you that a few rounds will make it in. You can expect the update in the coming weeks, with a focus on tweaking rounds and adding new ones.

In the mean time, the wiki page has been updated to show those hidden attributes you may not have known about.

Also, a tiny update for Project Beta:

  • Eureka Effect
    • Fixed an issue where teleporter metal costs were higher than intended (thanks Wheaties <3)
  • Heavy Lifter
    • Mark for death effect extended to 3 seconds


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