The Pre-Xmas Update Update

While, I am sure most of us, are eagerly awaiting this year’s Smissmiss event, here is a Project Beta update to help whet your appetite.

  • Koshorop Chilli
    • Fixed an issue where movespeed bonus could stack
    • Reduced damage loss to 2hp per half-second
    • Can now die from passive damage over time
    • Update: Fixed a major exploit where players could move at full speed while spun up
  • Underburner
    • Changed ammo usage to -50% max
    • Airblasting now costs -60%
    • Fixed and issue where pushback was not quite the correct amount of force
    • Airblast push back now increased to +50%
  • Claidheamh Mòr
    • Charge duration boost increased to 1 second
    • Damage vunerability on wearer changed to +15%
  • Intensifier
    • Fixed an issue where mark for death would not last for the intended duration
    • Added +50% afterburn duration
  • New maps
    • pl_eclipse
    • pl_shoreleave
    • ctf_infiltration
    • plr_panic
    • cp_priderock
    • cp_glacier


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My Very First Game!

Sure it took a while and the game could using a lot of fixing, but here it is my very first game!

It is called Spinner Arcade.

Try it out in the downloads section. Let me know on Steam or via Email your thoughts and how long you can survive!

Update: just patched the game and released a new version. You can now rotate your ship and the AI is more complex.

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