Gonna Paint Our Wagon: Pain Train Edition

A change to some weapons along with a brand new intro message to help out new Project Beta players. Here is the change log:

  • Added new intro menu when a player joins the server
  • Sun-on-a-Stick
    • Removed target being engulfed in flames on hit
    • Removed no direct damage dealt penalty
    • Added 25% less damage vs non-burning players
    • Added 100% critical hit vs burning players
  • Pain Train
    • Removed 10% bullet damage taken on wearer
    • Added 20% slower fire speed
    • Added 20% more damage taken when active
    • Added 10% faster move speed on wearer while carrying the objective
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Meet Your Match: Servers Back Online

After fixing issues introduced from the most recent major TF2 update, I also managed to make a critical mistake in one of the important configuration files.

Now that everything is sorted, all TF2TightRope servers are back online.

Project Beta update is as follows:

  • Sun-on-a-Stick
    • Take 25% less damage from fire while deployed
  • Removed the Overdose modifications
  • Underburner
    • Airblast cost is now reduced by 50%


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