Final Prize Winners

Last month’s winners are:

  1. “Smores” with 6,723 points
  2. “Courage the Cowardly Dog” with 6,121 points
  3. “[Y.A]EricTheEnglishMan[Cotk]” with 5,971 points

Congratulations! Please note: In order to receive your prize, you must accept the friend invite from CoolJosh3k. The current method of delivery is via a trade offer. The current prize is 3 keys for each winner. These prizes are donated by CoolJosh3k.


July was the last month with which you could win these prizes, but as a bonus for those who won for the final month of July…

The usual 3 keys each + 1 whole month free of server VIP access!
The main feature of VIP is connecting into a server even when it is full, which is normally only available for staff and donators.

To make use of this, type “connect IP:PORT” into your console, where IP:PORT is the address to the server.



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Major and Minor Updates

Project Ghost

Added a new round

  • This is war!


Project Beta

Removed the ability to inspect weapons due to a bug that may cause confusion

Removed the following weapons:

  • The Underburner while it is being reworked
  • The Third Degree modifications
  • The Phlogistinator modifications

The Intensifier

  • Removed damage penalty
  • Fixed self damage affecting the user
  • Fixed an issue where a player could become immune if a death mark was removed too early
  • Secondary fire no longer fires flares
  • No longer deals mini-crits to burning players unless they are marked
  • Fixed an issue where players could blast jump
  • Fixed an issue where the projecile would deal blast damage
  • Fixed an issue where the death mark would be applied on the wrong frame

The Supply Chain

  • On wearer: user gains 50 metal every 5 seconds
  • Cannot deal damage

The Barrel Roll

  • New experimental weapon
  • No movespeed penalty while aiming
  • Headshots deal 100 damage
  • Hold Fire to unleash a barrage of bullets
  • Clip size reduced by 80%
  • No ammo from dispensers when active
  • Cannot charge
  • Cannot fire unless zoomed
  • Fires tracer rounds
  • Headshot kills cause decapication

The Battle Plan

  • Missed from previous notes:
    • When weapon is active: 90% less healing from Medic sources


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New Address for Project Beta UK

Due to a hardware fault, we have moved the Project Beta UK server to a new box at the datacenter.
Please note that the new address is:

Update your favorites and bookmarks, if you have them.

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