Project Beta fixed…

Sorry about the recent issues where Project Beta’s weapons were failing to function correctly. This was caused by recent TF2 updates breaking how attributes are applied to weapons and players.

After some downtime, I have updated a few things which include a fix for this. Hopefully this works, but let me know if you still notice problems.


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Project Beta Overclocker Update

  • Fixed an invalid array error related to sentry gun damage
  • Fixed a case where Bass Squirrel could do more damage than was intended
  • The Overclocker
    • Sentry gun infinite fire range ability removed
    • Sentry gun long range laser effect removed
    • Removed previous sentry gun damage dealing functionality
    • Sentry now deals 10% more bullet damage
    • Move speed bonus removed
    • Sentry repair rate penalty removed
    • Metal pickup penalty reduced to 50%
    • Dispenser range bonus increased to 300%
    • Attack speed bonus removed
    • On hit damage dealt penalty removed
    • Contruction rate bonus removed
    • Damage bonus while sentry is wrangled removed


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Major Backend and Beta Updates

Over the next few hours I will be rolling out a major updated some various core features of both the website and game servers. These updates are intended to address a variety of issues, such as motd rendering and security. It also has changes that will allow for some future feature implementation.

After the downtime, the following Project Beta update will be live:



The Overclocker

  • Wrench damage vs buildings penalty removed
  • Wrench damage vs sapper penalty removed
  • Sentry damage dealt range bonus inverted
  • Level 3 sentries no longer gain a further increased damage bonus

The Battle Plan

  • Fixed a case where the healing rate from a medic could be reduced
  • Damage dealt now scales with player health
    • Half of player’s current health plus 15 damage

The Subatomic Punch

  • Added 10% damage bonus while under the effects

Fixed a case where forced crits and afterburn could deal less damage than intended

Doctor Fanning now takes less damage while in corporeal form

Added various maps to the cycle and vote list

  • cp_powerhouse
  • cp_snowplow
  • koth_suijin
  • pl_borneo
  • ctf_convoy_v2
  • cp_croissant_final
  • pl_millstone
  • pl_badwater_rainy
  • cp_yukon_final
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • pl_swiftwater
  • pl_deadwood



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