A Slightly Better Flying Heavy Has Appeared!

Cue Pokémon random encounter animation…

Here is the update to the Heavy Lifter many of you will hopefully enjoy:

  • Heavy Lifter
    • Now has 50 ammo
    • Now consumes an additional 1 ammo per second while spun up
    • On wearer: regenerates 25% ammo every 5 seconds


This entry was posted on July 17, 2017, in Tightrope.

Stompy Stompy All Around

I have heard your feedback and here are the changes that I hope you will like:

  • Heavy Lifter
    • Removed damage done by all weapons bonus
    • Changed max ammo to -85%
    • Changed stomp damage to always kill
  • Mantreads
    • Changed stomp damage to always kill
    • Removed damage force reduction
  • Flare Jumper
    • Remove damage vulnerability
  • Blinken Säge
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect amount of damage would being dealt
    • Fixed an issue where the user would have an incorrect amount of health
    • Removed damage penalty
    • Now has -10% firing speed
  • Maps changed to only CP and PL
    • Can still be forced to run other maps by staff


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