Project Beta: Now With Less Subatomic Matters And With More Elements!

Long title, for an important update. A few fixes and a new weapon to replace the Subatomic Punch. Change log below:

Fixed an issue where a players could not use the Heavy Lifter after winning
Removed the Subatomic Punch
Added the Underburner

The Heavy Lifter
    Stomp damage changed to deal 7 times regular fall damage
    Now has 50% faster weapon switch speed on wearer

The Blinken Säge
    Removed max health reduction penalty
    Added 20% slower firing speed penalty

The Overclocker
    Removed damage penalty

The Underburner
    Max ammo reduced by 50%
    Extinguishing teammates restores 20 health
    Reflected projectiles deal 20% more damage
    Damage dealt from reflected projectiles ignites players

The Battle Plan
    Removed damage dealing scaling with with user’s health



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Donation Payments Now Fixed!

Sorry about the recent issue with the donation button not working.
That issue has now been resolved and you should be able to check out.

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Introducing cheaper lifetime VIP!

Now cheaper and lasting forever, you can pickup a VIP package for just $9.95 AUD.

The benefits include:

  • Reserve slot access on all official TF2TightRope TF2 game servers. No more waiting on a full server!
  • You will be immune to any vote kicking!
  • Recognition with your name when you chat and on the forums!
  • No more ads!

Note: those who already have donator access from previously, will now gain this lifetime VIP too without extra cost.

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