Auto Balance Rules Adjusted and a New Moderator

Less Auto Balancing Tears:

I don’t think there are many people who like the current auto balance defaults. Due to a change in the configuration, auto balance will now only take affect if teams are unbalanced by 3 or more players.

He did not Shoot the Deputy:

I cannot say about the case concerning the sheriff, but Smithy the Blacksmith is our newest moderator. If you see them, then feel free to say hi and imagine shaking their hand.


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Project Beta Overclocked and Under Cooked

Mostly a quick balance change, but I have tried to simplify how the Overclocker works without making it an annoying weapon to use.


  • Barrel Roll
    • Now deals only 50% damage to buildings
    • Can no longer deal headshot damage bonus
    • Headshots no longer cause decapitation
    • Can no longer be crit boosted


  • Overclocker
    • Sentry gun fire rate bonus increased to 30%
    • Metal gain penalty removed
    • Wrench attack speed bonus removed
    • Now has a 30% slower repair rate
    • Now has a 30% slower construction rate


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New Mod and 1 Free Month Bonus for Donators

One Bonus Free Month for All Donators has Been Granted!

Recently an issue was identified on some of the TF2TightRope servers. As a result some of the donator features were not available. I hope to have those servers back online and fully working ASAP, but in the meantime I have given all donators 1 month extra VIP privileges on all TF2TightRope servers.

Please Welcome our Newest Volunteer Staff Member!

I am pleased to announce we have a new moderator to help out with keeping the servers/forums friendly and healthy.
If you see LucidlyAwake around the place, feel free to congratulate them on their new position. I promise they will not bite1

1Guarantees not included.

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