A Big Poll for a Tiny Man

In the next Project Beta update, I planned on giving the Subatomic Punch a small nerf. Instead of this, I figure it would be better you let you, the community, decide.

What nerf should the Subatomic Punch (tiny Scout) receive?

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This entry was posted on November 22, 2015, in Tightrope.

Project Beta Update V2P3P8

  • The Intensifier
    • Reduced attack speed bonus to 20%
  • The Supply Chain
    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect damage was being dealt
    • Removed damage penalty
    • Removed particle effect
  • The Subatomic Punch
    • Increased damage dealt bonus to 15%
    • Decreased head size


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Mini Update

Just a quick balance change to Project Beta’s Overclocker:
The Overclocker

  • Removed repair rate penalty
  • Increased wrench attack speed to 35%
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