Project Beta Version 2.2.6

This update¬†brings some rather experimental changes, but hopefully they are “fair and balanced”:


Removed the Marksman’s Marker

Removed the Force-A-Nature modification

The Underburner

  • Flame ammo cost reduction bonus removed
  • Now deals afterburn
  • Now deals 50% less afterburn damage

The Overclocker

  • Removed movespeed penalty
  • Wrench speed attack speed changed to 175% (was 150%)
  • Sentry is no longer removed on death
  • Sentry range increased by 200%
  • Sentry takes 50% more damage (was 20%)
  • While dead: Sentry gains 100% damage resistance

The Heavy Lifter

  • Now deals lethal falling damage to the player you land on (was 5x)

The Subatomic Punch

  • Moved over to replace the Crit-a-Cola
  • Energy weapon damage changed to a 200% increase (was 100%)
  • Bullet weapon damage changed to a 200% increase (was 75%)
  • Explosive, fire, bleed and melee weapon damage changed to a 100% increase (was 50%)
  • Fall and drowning damage changed to a 100% increase (was 50%)
  • Body size increased by 20%
  • Head size decreased by 33%
  • Weapon size modification removed
  • Changed player gravity force to 75% (was 90%)
  • Removed glowing outline effect
  • Player can no longer return to normal size after drinking
  • Drinking now grants up to 150 health

Bonk! Atomic Punch

  • While under the effects: players named “Martin” move 50% slower

The Battle Plan

  • Move speed bonus changed to 50% (was 33%)
  • Move speed now decreases more significantly when on low health


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Important News Regarding Project Trade and Advertisments

I am always logging, graphing and looking over TF2TightRope’s financial status.

While I wish to open up many servers for various TF2 gamemods, real life cost does play a part. While I one day I want to operate many more gamemods for the community, of a high quality, for the time being 2 major changes need to occur.


First change

Due to the decline in desire for trading servers, I have decided to shut down Project Trade.
I know there are many who will not be happy about this, but for what it is worth I will be making all the files and source available to the public. This will mean freedom to host your own version of Trade/TradePoolParty, if you should so desire.

Here is the list of dates, for when Project Trade servers will go offline:

  • Project Trade AUS –> 23rd of May
  • Project Trade UK –> 23rd of April
  • Project Trade USA –> 12th of May
  • Project Trade Points –> 7th of May


Second change

Ingame MOTD advertisements will be shown on death.
The plugin I have written to handle this, will make sure that you are not spammed with ads. These adverts will wait until after you have seen the usual death cam showing who/what killed you, before it pops up on your screen.
As much as ads can have a rather negative reputation, they are necessary to keep things running via the funding they provide.
I have elected to ensure these ads do not contain sound or forced interaction of any kind. You can also close the MOTD advert page as soon as it opens, with no forced waiting.



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Project Beta’s Subatomic Update!

This update is focused on tweaking the Subatomic Punch, but also contains a new weapon to try out!

Changes as follows:

  • Sub-Atomic Punch
    New and improved recipe. Warning: side effects may include headaches, vomiting, ED symptoms and pupil dilation.

    New and improved recipe.
    Warning: side effects may include headaches, vomiting, ED symptoms and pupil dilation.

      Renamed to The Subatomic Punch
      Changed damage dealt to 75% (was 50%)
      Replaced generic damage taken increase with:
      100% increased energy damage vulnerability
      75% increased bullet damage vulnerability
      50% increased explosive damage vulnerability
      50% increased fire damage vulnerability
    • 50% increased bleed damage vulnerability
      50% increased melee damage vulnerability
      50% increased fall damage vulnerability
      50% increased drowning damage vulnerability
      Player leaves a team coloured particle trail
      Player has a glowing outline that reveals health and can be seen through walls
  • The Battle Plan
      New melee weapon that replaces The Equalizer
      33% faster move speed
      Move speed decreases as the user becomes injured
  • The Overclocker
      Fixed showing test message when an overclocked sentry takes damage
      Changed sentry damage dealt to 20% (was 10%)
  • The Rocketeer’s Rival
      Removed self blast damage penalty



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