The Reblending

So turns out the first version of the Koshorop Chilli was bad. I don’t like how similar it is to the Dalokohs Bar, but this thing was hard to mod and it does kinda work out.

Changes are as follows:

  • Heavy Lifter
    • Removed fast weapon switching
  • Koshorop Chilli
    • Removed max health reduction
    • Removed max health cap
    • Passive health reduction increased to 3hp per half-second
    • Changed healing from Medic sources to -75%
  • Overclocker
    • Reduced sentry gun fire rate back down to 30%
  • Intensifier
    • Mark for death duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds
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But, Will It Blend?

The latest and greatest, newest and craziest weapon has arrived on Project Beta:

  • Fixed an issue where players could not throw the Dalokohs Bar to allies
  • Optimised memory usage when initialising global strings
  • Koshorop Chilli
    • Replaces the Dalokohs Bar
    • On wearer: -200hp player max health
    • On wearer: -90% less healing from Medic sources
    • Eating grants +40% movespeed
    • Eating grants +50hp player max health for 30 seconds
    • Eating grants up to 50hp player buffed health
    • On wearer: health cannot go above 200hp
    • Eating sets player’s feet on fire for -1hp every half-second
    • User cannot die from passive health loss
    • Cannot be thrown to team mates
    • Does not need to recharge
    • Going into water will remove fire and speed effects


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Can He Fix It? Yes He Can!

I cannot help but believe many of you will like this update for Project Beta…


  • Reintroduced minor TF2Items extension dependency to fix a bug
  • Fixed possible accidental removal of class-specific attributes when spawning
  • Fixed players sometimes spawning with incorrect health and/or ammo amounts
  • Fixed a typo in an attribute’s description
  • Players now drop weapons when they die
    • Fixed various bugs due to picking up a weapon
    • Players’ could regain health
    • Players’ scale could reset if it had been changed
    • Players’ voice could change to incorrect pitch
    • Players’ taunt could be interrupted
  • Claidheamh Mòr
    • Increased damage vulnerability while active to 25%
  • Underburner
    • Increased pushback force to +25%
  • Overclocker
    • Increased sentry firing speed bonus to +40%
    • Repair rate decreased to -20%
    • Fixed an a case where incorrect damage amount could be dealt
    • Changing wrenches no longer destroys buildings
    • Fixed not checking for valid teleporter entrance before checking state
  • Heavy Lifter
    • Fixed an exploit where players could fly/hover indefinitely by taunting
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