The Predictably Controversial Beta Update

Update 2.2.11:

  • Changed particle effects on modified weapons to match that of new weapons
  • The Phlogistinator
    • Whilst being crit boosted: deals 20% more direct damage vs players
    • Non critical damage deals 20% less direct damage vs players
  • The Third Degree
    • Deals 35% less damage vs players
    • On wearer: primary weapon deals 35% more direct damage
    • On wearer: recieve 35% more damage from all sources
    • On wearer: move 10% slower
  • The Overclocker
    • Removed max metal carried bonus
    • Changed how sentry damage is calculated
    • Changed sentry damage reduction to only affect bullets
    • Sentry now uses more ammo
    • Sentry now does slightly more damage
  • The Blut Säge
    • Removed ubercharge preservation
    • Removed move speed penalty
  • The Underburner
    • Fixed an issue where reflected projectiles were not showing particle effects
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Project Beta Update 2.2.10

Nothing too fancy in this update, but if you are an olive coloured gem who loves stomping on people (too specific?), there is something here you might really like.


The Overclocker

  • Removed particle effect

The Heavy Lifter

  • Fixed killstreaks not increasing on stomp kills

The Sharpened Volcano Fragment

  • Health gain now only occurs from dealing fire or energy type damage

The Subatomic Punch

  • Removed damage dealt penalty

The Huntsman

  • Can no longer be fired whilst in the air


Note: the huntsman change also applies to Project Ghost.


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Ghostly Update w/ a Little Beta on the Side

First up, there is a small update for Project Beta. By small I mean tiny. Really tiny. Like tweezers and a microscope.

Okay, maybe not “that” small, but here are the changes:


The Overclocker

  • Removed sentry damage taken penalty

  • Removed sentry damage resistance bonus

  • Added particle effect on overclocked buildings


As for Project Ghost, there is much more new content to be had:


Replaced the Oscillopsia bonus conditional
Added new bonus conditional called Extreme Speed
Changed bonus conditional base change to 20%
Fixed an issue where some rounds were not working correctly

  • Freedom or Death?

  • Fast & Furious

Modified some rounds

  • Assassin’s Shpees now uses the YER

Removed some rounds

  • Powerjack Pyros

  • Hardcore Engis

  • All for one, pan for all

Added some new rounds

  • Round Robin Rockets

  • Pipe Dream

  • Crazed Bigender Aliens


Also, I should make note that killing skilled players on Project Ghost might make you feel somewhat awesome.

At least, that is my understanding based on this video:

Credit goes to Smithy for the video.



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