A Little Less Point Loss and a Little More Gun

Based on feedback, I have lowered the point cap to cause point loss for high ranked players to be half of what it was. This means you cannot lose more than 25 points per kill on Project Beta and 13 point per kill on Project Ghost.


Speaking of minor tweaks, here is one for Project Beta:
The Overclocker

  • Added 30% health bonus to buildings
  • Added 30% slower construction rate to buildings


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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…

Looks like a recent TF2 patch broke the Heavy Lifter. It could no longer stomp on players, but alas I have resolved the issue.

For some reason, it would appear that the TF Team changed a bit of code that allowed a certain attribute to be applied to any weapon. My solution is to apply this attribute onto the player themselves, when the weapon is found to be on them. A lucky fix.

If you notice after an update that something is not functioning correctly, just let me know so I can investigate the issue.

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Project Beta: Now With Less Subatomic Matters And With More Elements!

Long title, for an important update. A few fixes and a new weapon to replace the Subatomic Punch. Change log below:

Fixed an issue where a players could not use the Heavy Lifter after winning
Removed the Subatomic Punch
Added the Underburner

The Heavy Lifter
    Stomp damage changed to deal 7 times regular fall damage
    Now has 50% faster weapon switch speed on wearer

The Blinken Säge
    Removed max health reduction penalty
    Added 20% slower firing speed penalty

The Overclocker
    Removed damage penalty

The Underburner
    Max ammo reduced by 50%
    Extinguishing teammates restores 20 health
    Reflected projectiles deal 20% more damage
    Damage dealt from reflected projectiles ignites players

The Battle Plan
    Removed damage dealing scaling with with user’s health



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