Nuffed or Berfed? Project Beta Update!

Nuffed, Stuffed, Berfed or Buffed? Let us hope that is not the question. I am sure though, none-the-less, that that this new update will bring forth something similar.

Mainly focused on the Overclocker, here is the changelog for the latest Project Beta update:


  • Varius performance optimisations and improvements
  • Fixed some instances of damage not being dealt correctly to buildings
  • The Barrel Roll
    • Changed clip size penalty to 75%
    • Changed damage penalty to 20% less damage dealt
  • The Overclocker
    • Removed max health penalty
    • Added 15% faster move speed on wearer
    • Added 25% less metal gain penalty
    • Added a laser to the sentry gun
    • Added a particle effect to the dispenser
    • Added a particle effect to the teleporter
    • Sentry gun laser changes transparency based on damage distance
    • Damage now increases by 50% when dealing damage at long range
    • Damage now decreases by 50% when dealing damage at short range
  • Blut Säge
    • Reduced negative hp regen to only -2


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Project Beta UK Moved to New Datacenter!

Due to issues previously whilst using servers from Redstation’s datacenter, Project Beta UK has now been relocated.
Now with hosting with “Zare”, owned by HydraCom, I hope to see our previous lag issues resolved.

The new address is:

Make sure to update any bookmarks if you have them.

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Final Prize Winners

Last month’s winners are:

  1. “Smores” with 6,723 points
  2. “Courage the Cowardly Dog” with 6,121 points
  3. “[Y.A]EricTheEnglishMan[Cotk]” with 5,971 points

Congratulations! Please note: In order to receive your prize, you must accept the friend invite from CoolJosh3k. The current method of delivery is via a trade offer. The current prize is 3 keys for each winner. These prizes are donated by CoolJosh3k.


July was the last month with which you could win these prizes, but as a bonus for those who won for the final month of July…

The usual 3 keys each + 1 whole month free of server VIP access!
The main feature of VIP is connecting into a server even when it is full, which is normally only available for staff and donators.

To make use of this, type “connect IP:PORT” into your console, where IP:PORT is the address to the server.



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