Smallest Update Yet!

A super small update for Project Beta with only the following:

  • Overclocker
    • Removed 3 second uber on teleporter exit
    • Added 5 speed boost for players exiting a teleporter

Yep, sorry. That is all this update.

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Now With More Uber…

A tiny change: the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.

  • Overclocker
    • Removed 2 way teleportation attribute
    • Players now gain 3 seconds of √úbercharge when exiting a teleporter

Now be a good man/lady and fetch me the gravity gun.


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Of Pain Emissaries and Base Underburnings

Here is the next Project Beta update…

  • Pain Train
    • No longer has firing speed penalty
    • User no longer takes extra damage while weapon is deployed
    • Now has 10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer again
      • Weapon is back to normal, except it still has the +10% speed bonus while carrying objectives
  • Underburner
    • Removed 50% less max ammo penalty
    • Removed airblast cost reduction
    • Relected projectiles no longer ignite players
    • Now uses +200% more ammo per second on primary fire
    • Relfected projectile damage vs player increased to 30%
    • Relfected projectile damage vs buildings decreased to 30%
    • Airblast refire rate increased to 30% faster
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