The Great Buffing of 2017

Some of you knew this was coming, some of you did not.

Prepare to go crazy and have fun with this long list of changes:

  • Removed Koshorop Chilli
  • Classic
    • Added +25% charge rate
  • Doom Bringer
    • Added +15% faster reload speed
    • Removed random crit potential
  • Battle Plan
    • Removed -15% damage vulnerability on wearer
  • Intensifier
    • Increased fire rate to +50%
    • Fixed using incorrect fire rate attribute
  • Underburner
    • Increased horizontal push back force to +100%
  • Heavy Lifter
    • On wearer: deal +15% more damage
  • Overclocker
    • Removed repair rate bonus
    • Added +50% attack speed
  • Blinken Säge
    • Increased damage dealt to -15%
  • Claidheamh Mòr
    • Removed damage vunerability
    • Added -20% firing speed
  • Eureka Effect
    • Removed On Wearer: -5% move speed
    • Increased health gain to +2 per dispenser level
    • Changed more speed bonus stacking to be additive
    • Added electric sparks on wearer’s feet
  • Third Degree
    • Removed -30% fire rate
    • Increased to +25% damage vs players being healed
    • Increased to +25% damage to all other players directly connected via healing
    • Decreased to -25% damage vs players not being healed

Remember there is always the wiki page too for everything.

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A Little More Action Please, Elvis

So turns out none of the weapons were working for quite a while. Sure, I could blame myself for not checking up on it more often… but also no one bothered to let me know!


In other news… TF2PublicFerret is back from hiatus/hibernation, so be sure to check out when the next events are scheduled: right here

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Test It Till It Breaks

Here comes a new Project Beta update along with a new weapon. Get yourself an Original if you don’t have one, because the new Doom Bringer might just be fun enough to warrant trading for one.

  • Overclocker
    • Increased height of particle effects on sentry guns
  • Koshorop Chilli
    • Halved health loss amount
    • Item now has fire particles on it
  • Doom Bringer
    • -75% clip size
    • On Kill: 2 seconds of 100% critical chance

Oh! And while you are at it, try the improved Koshorop Chilli with the Natasha. Scouts will hate you for it, and after all; it might be too OP to last.

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