Project Beta Major Update

This is a special update with a special weapon.

Designed mostly by Austin “Psychopath” Benz of Gang Garrison 2 fame, you can now enjoy The Intensifier.


Performance improvement tweak to The Battle Plan’s code

Added check to ensure stale edicts are freed up

Removed particle effects on both new and modified weapons

Removed some obsolete code

Removed The Wund Maker

Removed The Rocketeer’s Rival

Removed The Airstrike modifications

The Heavy Lifter

  • Fixed smoke particles being emited while swimming
  • Increased frequency of Smoke Ring emition by 10%

The Sharpened Volcano Fragment

  • Fixed heal particles lingering after death

The Underburner

  • Removed weapon switch bonus
  • Airblasting now uses ammo
  • Airblast cost is now increased by 150%

The Overclocker

  • Decreased dispenser range bonus to 200%

The Intensifier

  • On hit: target is marked for death
  • Deals 25% less damage
  • Cannot be crit boosted
  • Does not require ammo
  • Mini crits burning players

As always, be sure to check out the wiki for full details on each weapon.


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Winners for June and Other Prize Info

Last month’s winners are:

  1. “Mythmonster2″ with 5,309 points
  2. “̣Smores” with 5,068 points
  3. “Pinkis” with 4,861 points

Congratulations! Please note: In order to receive your prize, you must accept the friend invite from CoolJosh3k. The current method of delivery is via a trade offer. The current prize is 3 keys for each winner. More details can be found here: These prizes are donated by CoolJosh3k.


July will be the last month with which you can win these prizes, but as a bonus for those who win for the final month of July…

The usual 3 keys each + 1 whole month free of server VIP access!
The main feature of VIP is connecting into a server even when it is full, which is normally only available for staff and donators.

— — —

Plus, incase you were not aware, each month TF2PublicFerret uploads a rather entertaining TF2 highlight “nutshell” onto his channel. Here is one from back in April:


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Project Beta Update 2.2.13

The Battle Plan

  • Fixed move speed adjustment taking up to 1 second to apply in some cases
  • User can not be overhealed
  • Move speed change is now linear
  • Move speed now caps at a maximum of 400 and at a minimum of 100
  • Stock Soldier speed now occurs at exactly 120 health instead of a set range

The Blut Säge

  • Now has a -3 health regeneration penalty on wearer

The Air Strike

  • No longer has any blast radius decrease
  • Damage dealt is not affected by damage fall-off
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