Prize Winners for September

Guess what, I am late. Late and embarrassed with no real excuse. I guess I should have made sure I had my calendar set to the correct month, aye?

The Winners for September 2014 are:

  1. 18,552 “Smores”
  2. 18,537 “Lothaire”
  3. 15,554 “Mythmonster2″
  4. 14,987 “The Gray Fox”
  5. 12,593 “PugLife”

Congratulations! Please note: In order to receive your prize, you must accept the friend invite from CoolJosh3k. The current method of delivery is via a trade offer. The current prize is 5 cosmetics for each winner. More details can be found here: These prizes are donated by CoolJosh3k.

Anyone notice something about those top 3 winners?
Here is a hint: they are the exact same as last month! Wow!



Project Beta update

With the help of community feedback, Trotim has finished work on another update for Project Beta.

  • Reverted changes to:
    • Detonator, Persian Persuader, Booties, afterburn
  • New Heavy Primary Maxine:
    • while revved move forwards at regular speed but with limited turn radius
  • Sun-on-a-Stick:
    • On hitting a burning player, it ignites and launches upward nearby enemies
  • Booties:
    • +15% move speed
  • Baby Face’s Blaster:
    • Boost drain increased to 8% per second
  • Tomislav:
    • no spin-up, no speed penalty, -60% damage
  • Equalizer:
    • +65% damage (from 33-107 to 54-176)
  • Dispenser:
    • Lv3 only overheals to 125% (from 150%)
  • Cleaner’s Carbine:
    • assists also grant minicrits

Plus 2 extra changes for all projects:

  • Huntsman:
    • Can now be fired in mid-air (from linux_loverpheadxdll)
  • More vocalisation:
    • Fixed an issue where domination and revenge response lines were not triggered via an assist kill (from Powerlord)

Be sure to let us know your feelings on the forums:



Do U Know TF2? (Ep 3+4)

How many hidden game mechanics of TF2 do you know?
Have you played over 2,000 hours and still finding out new things?
Do all these weapons make new players feel alienated?

Here are the next 2 episodes.
Be sure to read the video description for extra info.


Episode 3:


Episode 4: