Beta Update July 2014

These changes have been on our servers for a while but I didn’t submit the blog post:

> Damaging buildings now triggers hitsound and damage text
> Backburner: crit detection angle from behind increased from 90° to 180°
> Detonator: greatly increased detonation damage, detonations are no longer fire damage and don’t ignite, 20% less self-damage
> Tribalman’s Shiv: damage penalty lowered from 50% to 35%, bleed duration increased from 6 to 8 seconds
> Bazaar Bargain: removed -20% damage penalty
> Loose Cannon: 25% less self-damage
> Fixed Southern Hospitality not gaining extra metal from crits and minicrits

We made it easier to tell if you’re damaging a building and by how much, hopefully making it more satisfying too. Especially helpful for new Detonator which along with Loose Cannon now make damaging yourself for mobility less costly.
Backburner gets crits at the same angle as every other weapon with “from behind” checks (backstabs, Axtinguisher, Holiday Punch, Back Scatter). Makes flanking maneuvers more consistent and ups circlestrafing potential.
Bazaar Bargain now simply is “+10 damage per head, cannot charge”. Potentially scary, we’re keeping an eye on it.

Next update some of the changes we recently reverted will come back (like minigun accuracy).


Check our Wiki page to see all currently active item changes.

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Asteroid feedback

With recent updates from Valve, it would appear that the new game mode “Robot Destruction” is undergoing some interesting changes.


We would love to tweak this map too, based on what the community believes should happen. As such, we now will run rd_asteroid on all Project Beta servers by default. Players are still free to vote for other maps and it will change after the map has run for a while.

The map list has also been modified, removing some of the less popular custom maps.

We’d love to hear all your feedback here:



Introducing… Donations!

What donation involves?

I am certain that from time to time, some of our more dedicated players have had the urge to donate.

It has been a long time, but I now feel that we are at a stage where we are able to receive monetary support.

Full details can be found here: Donation-Information

We want to give back to those generous enough to donate, so here a quick list of things we will grant you as thanks:

  • We will provide you with basic VIP reserve access on any of our TF2 servers..
  • We will grant you the title of “donator” on the forums.
  • We will add recognition with your name when you chat, while playing on any of our TF2 servers.
  • We will list you on the donators leaderboard.


What is reserve access?

For those of you, who do not know what reserve access is:

It allows you to connect to a server, even though it is full. To do this you need to have the console enabled and use the “connect” command.

  1. Open the options menu, from the main menu and select the keyboard tab. Now click on the advanced button, which will pop open a small dialog window. From here you can enable the “developer console”.
  2. Once enabled, it can be opened and closed by pressing the “tilde” (~) key. This is typically located in the top-left corner of your keyboard.
  3. With the console open, type in “connect” followed by the address of the server you wish to connect to. For example, if you wanted to connect to the Project Ghost UK server, you would use: